About us

Over 35 years and still going strong!
Our academy first opened it’s doors in Countess Wear, Exeter in 1986.

We run classes for children and adults twice a week, 50 weeks a year. We offer free taster lessons throughout the year to new enquiries. Check out our special offers section for details.

Our Exeter Martial Arts Programmes
As well as teaching street self defence, our martial arts programmes are great for building self confidence, improving concentration, aiding with mental and physical fitness, plus it’s also great fun, whatever your age.
Martial Arts for Children

In our children’s programme alongside the self defence we teach our younger members how to concentrate on their own development and how to confidently interact with others.

We do this in a variety of ways to make learning a fun and an enjoyable activity for all regardless of their age. The minimum age for our children’s class is five years old.

Flaming Fist Martial Arts Academy

Below is more information about us.
What Martial Art do we teach?
Our chosen martial art is British Kenpo Karate, which we have been teaching in Countess Wear, Exeter since 1986. 
What is British Kenpo Karate?
British Kenpo is a modern self defence system, designed for todays world. It teaches practical situation self defence techniques.
Who runs the Countess Wear Exeter Academy?
The current highest rank at this academy is Senior Professor Matt Snell – 7th degree black belt, who is supported by 8 other black belts who teach and aid in the running of the academy.
Matt Snell started training on the academy’s very first night in 1986 and has hardly missed a session since. Now our academy has nine senior black belts, a number of junior black belts and over 70 students, who are learning and training together throughout the year whatever the weather.

We also have other Instructors and Clubs in this and other countries.

Flaming Fist Kenpo Exeter UK


Please contact Mr. Matt Snell: flamingfistkenpo@yahoo.com

Senior Professor 7th degree Black Belt Mr. Matt Snell